Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am still catching my breath!

Yes, today I feel like a winner.  Why you ask..well first of all all three of my daughters are A/B students!  WOW!  This is the first year that the two younger girls actually got grades..but it's nice to say all of my girls are great students!  

Then Tyra is brace free today!  Yesterday afterschool we drove to Charleston.  I absolutely have a great bestie.  We crash in her bonus room and then off to breakfast with Karrie Clark and Marsha!  Yes Karrie tell Marsha I blog shouted out to her too!!!  Then went to the wrong Ortho office..and had to drive to the other side of town..but they know I am loser..just kidding, driving up from Florida that they held her appointment for us!  Lucky lucky!

So here she is right before taking them off.
That is totally a fake smile.  I made her fave to show me her teeth!!

Now that is one happy girl.  She keeps running her tounge over her teeth thinking she forgot something.  So her first thing to eat with her brace free teeth...beef jerky!  crazy huh!
So if that was not enough of a busy day..Traysea had her first game this season.
She loves that her name is on her jersey!  The VERY best four dollars spent!   Easily said she is a super star!  Of course not that I am playing favorites...but!  She was nervous, she talked to my mom on the phone who told her that her cousin, which she loves, Kylie had a game the other and tray hung up knowing she would do great!  TOO FUNNY!

Fantastic days for me!!  This weekend I am Tampa bound!  Then back to Charleston tuesday..and then off to Chicago at the end of this month..WOW!


Miss Hope said...

Looking good!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Congratulations Tyra!