Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sleeping like crap

I should start a post out positive. So see my dish washer filled to it's rim! Well that's cause I had my alaska charleston peeps over for dinner. I am so blessed to have two wives that I knew from before on our boat. Hopefully it will make the inbetween times so much easier. So we had without husband social time. The best parts...Choco chip cookies...dinner and no kid drama!
This is a picture of the girls toasting on my anniversary night. Aren't they fancy!

So I don't know what it is..but I just can't sleep. Well I fall asleep sometime after midnight and am awake again at four..and can't go back to sleep. I don't know what it is..I think I am getting enough activity. I am Wii and getting the girls up and out the door..then getting my daily house chores done and sometime squeezing in some fun time with friends. but still i am tossing and turning. I am starting to think it's cause Ryan is gone. but my restlessness started before ry left. Who knows...Maybe i need busier days! hmmmm



. Becca . said...

Hey, do you still want a blog header? Send me an email with what you'd want in it, if you have a minute :)

Mary said...

I don't sleep when Justin's gone either. I usually pass out around 4 AM and then I'm up again around 7 to get Elise off to school. No sleep really sucks...

Miss Hope said...

I just tried to call you! Give me a call when you get a second, please!