Monday, January 5, 2009

My word for the year....since I can't sleep.

My friend Ali Edwards picks a word every year to sorta "inspire" her for the year. This year, I am picking nourish..which is funny because she picked nurture..which sorta means the same...but anyway....

I plan to nourish the relationship I have with my mom. Be an obedient daughter and honor her when I can. My mouth can totally get me in trouble!

I plan to nourish the friendships in my life. Stay in there..send mail..cause nothing is better then a handwritten letter! But nourish every relationship that matters

Nourish my relationship with God. Remind myself that he is a jealous man. And will not allow anything before him. Try to walk in his light..Nourish my relationship with him.

Nourish my children's relationship with God. It is my responsiblity to put them in his hands. I have been failing that task for awhile. I need to fix that.

Nourish my relationships with my children. Be as hands on as they want. Not as hands on as I think they need. Nourish them enough and be okay with letting them fail and picking up the pieces. Nourish my trust in each of them that they can make great decisions. Nourish their need for one on one time. I think I am pretty much as you actually can get one on one time with them. I think I need it just as much as they do.

Nourish my relationship with Ryan. It is never a smooth path when it comes to the two of us. The Navy can test a relationship that only other Navy familes can understand. Plus I am full of imperfections...all I can do is work on mine and love him without boundaries.

Nourish my body. Eat right..commit to Wii Fitting EVERYDAY. And taking the girls on walks everyday. They want it..and it's a nice time to have with them. Plus I help to nourish their physical health. It's all win win. Just if I can find that energy.

I plan to nourish my mind and find me new books to read. I am still trying to get through Wicked. Sounds interesting..but BOY a tough read. Since Twilight I have yet to find something that just makes me want to tear into it. I know..what a drought. I think i am going to find a book club...that way I have to read it, right???

So I encourage you to totally dig deep and find a word. It is sorta like having a visual aid to remind you. You will be amazed. Last year I had enough..well rather be enough..and though I had failed here and there..for the most part i think that i lived my word. I wasn't enough in certain places..but in 2008 i for sure pulled back..adjusted somethings and push forward from there. So here in 2009 I am hoping it will be a little easier!
Okay I am off to try to get back to sleep!
Happy Anniversary Felicia and Mike. Know that I love you everyday!


Vaiva said...

I like the idea of picking a word. I need to put more thought into that and maybe I'll come up with one too.

Miss Hope said...

I like it, too! This was a really good thought provoking post. Now to find my word.....