Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I forgot about my "I" tag

In my religious rage, I forgot about my I tag

* I am: the mother of three beautiful daughters!
* I want: calm
* I have: to get the girls in half an hour
* I dislike: freezing cold weather!
* I miss: ryan alden
* I fear: losing my family
* I feel: excited
* I hear: a song about dreaming big!
* I crave: Hawaiian Food
* I cry: far too often
* I usually: over book my time
* I search: for a religious home
* I wonder: what ry does at night!
* I regret: so many things that i have to just take a hit on the chin and move on!
* I love: my life
* I care: about the well being of the girls
* I always: need something
* I worry: far too much
* I am not: able to do everything alone!
* I remember: that everything has two sides
* I believe: in myself!
* I dance: all the time!
* I sing: as often as I want
* I don't always: keep my house as clean as I should
* I argue: far too much
* I write: great letters!
* I win: everyday my children are successful!
* I wish: i could find my way!
* I listen: to music everyday!
* I don't understand: why sometimes I am so needy!
* I can usually be found: getting the girls in half an hour!
* I need: a new beginning!
* I forget: tons of things all the time!
* I am happy: 95% of the time!

Okay so I am suppose to tag seven people..I am going to go with Kelly, Misty, Ms. Hope, Mary, Vaiva, Shells Bells, and My pod mate Felicia!

I love you guys...

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