Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Warm fuzzy

It's been a tough couple of days in the Malama-Auger household!  Nothing drama ridden..a slight scare, but the rest has been perfectly fine.  Not the I am stubborn and I am fine, type of fine.  But the true for sure not lying I am fine. 
Yesterday was my friends birthday.  Happy Birthday James Robert, a day late!  I love Rob.  He is totally one of those situations that you just love that family.  I love his wife Jenn, but for sure it's Rob and I that are friends.  Not to mention he has some of the cutest little men.  We all lived close to each other, okay a few houses away, in Newport...then we all went to Charleston together, and now they are going to be back here!  I am pretty excited.
So my week, as tough as it has been has been sprinkled with blessings..or just small reminders that everything will be okay.  
I met another mother in #3's class who is pretty awesome!  She totally took care of #3 while on her circus field trip.  Not to mention that #3's teacher feels comfortable enough to call me anytime #3 wants to talk to her mom.  Thanks Jayme!
When I was babysitting, Annabelle didn't want to go to anyone else.  She is such a blessing!
When I was totally exhausted, the missionaries stopped by unannouced!  Luckily it was Saturday and my house was clean.  But after their visit, I felt less tired.  If that makes sense.  Not to mention that they made me smile!
Baby showers always make me happy!
Yesterday, after all the drama, my girls spent the afternoon riding their scooter.  Having the time of their lives.
My husband reminded me that he is my friend, too!
Sigh..warm fuzzies everywhere!

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