Thursday, January 15, 2009

They will never remember!

I truly believe I was always ment to be a mother. It's horrible how i tormented my mother dreaming up baby names in middle school! She use to have this panic moments, thinking I would have a herd of children before I even got out of high school. I did make it through high school! The funny part was that I was such a good girl and sex wasn't really on my agenda. I just wanted babies. I always knew I was going to be a mom.

I love children in general. Mine, yours, your neighbors, I just love kids. I steal babies all the time. Watch other peoples doesn't matter. I love kids. And when I had tyra almost 13 years ago I was not prepared for the overwhelming love that you can have for someone you have never even met. It is SO powerful. I mean I know people are probably thinking now seriously ronee, we know you love your kids, but why all the blah blah blah about it. Well it's this always always makes me cry!

It's called You don't remember.

Now this song is by a group call Na Leo which of course they are from Hawaii, but even better Kamehameha Graduates. But Lehua, the writer got a card from her mom one year, and the outside read, you don't remember. Then inside it said but I will never forget. It was of a mother holding a infant child on her shoulder. Lehua's mom simply said that from the moment she came into her life she had never known love so great. My mom and I happen to be at their CD release party and heard Lehua tell the story and then sing that song. That's been it! This is the song that my mom and I both share. The year I turned 21, I received at burned cd with this song 21 times. They very best birthday present EVER! My children here this song so often I think they hate it. They all sign along to it, but don't really get the meaning. I mean I have told Tyra, but she rolls her eyes and put her ear phones back in to listen to something else via her ipod. Seriously I don't know how Lehua gets through this song without bursting into tears. But at their sixteenth birthday, 18th birthday, and the day I give them away, they will hear this song.

heh, it's better then the Kamehameha Waltz. That's my children's bedtime song.
Sorry, if you didn't go to Kamehameha, you don't get it!


Miss Hope said...

I don't get the Hawaii reference, but I sure get the Mama reference. My children complete my world.

Misty said...

Neat stuff! You're an awesome mom. Wish you were in Chicago already, we could meet up. =)