Saturday, January 24, 2009

24 things...

Okay so I know this is a day late..and interesting enough I just did a 25 randoms about me on my facebook...weird I I am going to try and think of some different things from that survey....

SO I am suppose to find 24 thing about interesting things about me.  Since I got it on January 24th... then tag four people to do the same..and they have to list as many things as the day they receive it.  I know if you do or don't do it..who cares!
1.  Everyday I strive to make a memory for each one of my children.  Some days I win some days I lose, but everyday I try!
2.  I am totally in love with hand sanitizer!  I hate germs, so lysol and sanitizer are my friends! 
3.  I have a thing for hair bows, ribbons, clippes, whatever.  Thank goodness I have three girls! 

4.  When I hang up the phone, I pretty much always say, "okay miss you love you  byee."  Sometimes, it's not someone I actually miss or love making it an interesting end of conversation.  Most times when I make the mistake the response I get is..."um' you too!"  I say it so often that my girls even say it when they hang up now.  

5.  #1 and I get along most days out of the week.  #2  are besties.  But #3 and I fight about something everyday.  What is funny about it is, #1 is most like my mom.  #2 is most like Ry, and #3 is my mini me.  

6.  This weekend I am leaving 70 degree weather to go to Chicago and visit family in FAREEEZZING weather. Why am I going???

7.  I am a mix of several nationalities, but if you ask me what I am, I will always say Native Hawaiian!

8.  One day I plan on writing a book.  Either a young adult and a parenting book!

9.  My life has been a bumpy ride, but I still have managed to hold on!

10.  I have two cel phones.  Yes I am just that awesome!  At the time I got the other phone, we needed a local number for the school Tyra was attending.  So it made more sense to get another cel phone then adding a home phone.  SO tada..I have an 808 and a 843 number! 

11.  I sent 4000 plus texts last month.  I rather text you or have you text me, then call me!  I know Ryan always yells at me that I should just be a grown up and pick up the phone.  Ugh!

12.  I heart the Olive Garden and Hawaiian Food.
13.  I need to have cake on my birthday.  Without it, it is just not a birthday for me!
14.  My favorite number is #25.  Not sure just is!
15.  I hate saliva or anything that comes out of your mouth.   Throw up, I just can't handle it.  But I will change a poopy diaper anyday!
16.  I don't enjoy alone time!  Unless I am sleeping or really into an awesome book!
17.  I love great kissing/make out seesions.  I know TMI right!
18. Somedays I can't wait for bedtime!  Not a secret for anyone that is parent..but somedays it is my favorite time of day.  
19.  For as long as I could remember I knew I was going to be a mother!
20.  The Hawaii Five O song always takes me back to Special Events Arena, that is now the Stan Sheriff Center on the campus of the University of Hawaii!  Sigh!
21.    I love having friends all over the world!!!  That is the only plus side to the military!  Oh and job security for Ryan!

22.  I am a crier! I will cry over anything and everything.  I know I am a total loser.  

23.  Ry and I had been dating for a bit.  We decided to get married on the 3rd, got married on the 5th, and he got underway on the 9th.

24.  Not that 2008 was a horrible year for me, but it was one full of transitions.  Here in 2009 I plan to make it the very best year.  Wish me luck!


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