Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why did we live so far from base?

But really we don't live that far. 25 or so minutes..but it feels so far. I guess it is my lack of sleep that is making me think it is SO far. I think I just hate driving! I use to love it, and now lately I just hate driving. Well maybe if I was driving to have lunch with my friends or something totally like that, I would be a bit more excited. The commissary and basketball practice. Yea not really motivating me. I almost let Traysea skip practice today because I was just not motivated to drive. Thank goodness she wouldn't let me! I mean..when ryan actually starts living here and his boat is actually in this part of the world...he will have to make that drive twice a day. So just why am I complaining? I am pretty sure I was the one that picked out this house. I think I was the one with the final say that didn't want to live at Laurel Island. I wanted the beach at my doorstep and the huge backyard. Oh wait yes..that was me. So almost everyday this week I have made the drive from FL to GA. Tuesday, I made it twice. Sigh....tomorrow..I will make it again! Luckily my Saturday or Sunday plans, as of yet, do not include a trip to Kings Bay. Again, I am not complaining! Really I am can I..when I can do this

in the middle of december. Or really anytime I think I want to. Cause the beach is just eight minutes from me.

Maybe I need to just focus on the positives about why we live in Florida. I know we choose Florida cause two of my besties were moving here. And one will be here at the end of the month. Of course he gets here, when we are in Chicago..but no worries. Then the other family will be here I think in February. Love it. Then my nieces will be here in July. I can't imagine what it is like to only live thirty minutes from family again! I am SO excited! Then my besties brother lives in Pensacola. Florida residence Disney passes! I life is perfect right???

Okay it's not helping..maybe I just a need an over all..random positives...right Misty...

1. Ryan is just a phone call away. So missing him, for the girls, is so much easier to cope with!
2. That my middle child wants to play basketball. But of course now that she has practice and the other two watch, they want to play now. Of course!
3. My friend is coming down here to house hunt next week!!!
4. School started back up!
5. Next week Tyra will be brace free.
6. Meaning I can plan my Charleston trips better!!!
7. That my bunny's rotator cuff is going to get fixed and that she will be able to play softball next year! Luckily she is only a sophmore!
8. Two of the best parents EVER!
9. Great teachers for my children!
10. Wii I can workout at home! Thank God!
11. Nourishing friendship that are important to me!
12. Having children that say I love you, just because!
13. Having a 13 year old that loves babies!
14. Guitar Hero!
15. No slow leak in my tire!
16. A sister how plans out the food prep schedule while everyone is in Chicago!
17. I love having the problem of having to have to sleep on the couch at my brothers. That means everyone is there and the house is SO full! I love it!
18. One week of totally family packedness! I can't wait!
19. Christmas cards completed!
20. All my laundry washed!
21. I am living my word Nourish!
22. My mom is in a happier place now that my grandma is at a different location during the day!
23. Kelly being able to wear the same size winter coat as tyra! well i better make her try those on so we can see!
24. Christie's husband Mike! He is ryan's playmate!
25. Football on thursday nights!
26. Pretty flowers for my anniversary.
27. Fancy dishes!
28. University of Hawaii Cheerleaders winners of Paula's RAH contest.
29. Disney photo pass!
30. Netflix! Mamma Mia tonight!

Mary..I think I need a creative outlet that isn't work related! Maybe that will help. I have to say I did complete all my assignments with time to spare!

Maybe because it was cold and blustery that I am feeling blahy. The sun is suppose be back tomorrow! hopefully so!

Maybe pictures will help???
It did a little! Oh well..I will catch up tomorrow!


Misty said...

Random positives make me so happy ;) Hope to make it to lunch tomorrow! M

Mary said...

We felt that way when we were in SC. We were about 30 minutes from the base and it was a PITA to go up there for any reason.

There are positives about being where you are. For instance...TARGET! lol

Miss Hope said...'re coming to base and all that? You do realize you can text/call and might have someone to hang out with and all that? I'm just saying.....

Felicia Fernandez said...

I'm so glad your mom is better now that your gram is in a different location. I know it was super hard on my aunt that took care of my gram with her alzheimers and had to find a good place for her. I'm going home on Tuesday for 10 days all by myself. I get to see Penny!!! And my mom!!!! It just can't get much better.

KTluv said...

Hey there girl! I am so jealous of the footsies in the sand. I wish I was a little closer. I feel like you do about driving to the base. Miss you and hope I can hang once bro gets settled in Mayport.

Latisha said...

we are all super sick right now, not to mention the kids have a ton of work to catch up on. So we will not be doing too much anytime soon. Being sick and having your house full of boxes is so not fun. I'll let you know when things slow down and get normal for the girls to hang out.

Tanya said...

I hear ya about living in FB/Yulee...but I was definitely happier that we lived there than St. Marys! Hope all is well!