Saturday, January 3, 2009

I sorta forgot about Disney pictures....

I know..what a loser right...though if you really know know that it's all the truth..and you just grin and bear.  So I am going to try and knock out disney adventures all in this one buckle up!
Day 2 we were off to Epcot!!!  Tyra wanted to ride of course Papa and Tyra take off to get the fast past..while mom and I stand in line for pictures with Mickey and his crew.  Ugh one hour later, our autograph books are filled and my girls are all smiles.  Off to tour the world.
Here are some highlights!
Then Day three took us to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios
I didn't take any pictures at Hollywood Studios.  The Dancing Lights were insane crazy!  Busy busy busy and what a sight.  Tyra braved the Tower of Terror!  Her hands were sweating. 
Day four we hit Universal!  
We left Papa at home...he needed to recover from days of walking him from morning to night!
I know way too much flash..but that was the best one I got.  
Grandma got a great award while we were there..
It says world's greatest grandma!
We stopped to see Alex and his penquin friends!
I located my things...and their cat!  Then
Ripped up the people mover to the car!
Fun day!  Loved just hanging out with Gramms.  Oh and we saw another parade and when Santa came in the last float.  Both the babies sigh and say...oh it's just Santa again!
It made me laugh..we had seen Santa in parades over and over.  My girls were totally tired of it...NOW I have to say Universal Orlando...totally boring.  Tyra said she liked the Mummy ride and I forced the girls on the jaws ride.  Long story..but let's just say..Nanea still hates boat rides.  Anyway..Maybe Islands of Adventures is worth the ticket...but Universal is totally not.  THOUGH I love it when we go to the one in Burbank!!!
So the day to return home finally arrived!  We debated..since we had lucked into an extra day at disney we were actually going to stay one more day..but decided just to hit magic kingdom one more time and then just head home after..
So it had been perfect weather the entire time..until this day.  It was freezing!  And Magic Kingdom was insanely busy this day.  I have to say we picked the perfect time to come.  There was NO ONE..but come Monday December 22nd, everyone arrives  but we were already here..and paid our $12's to park....
We are cuddled together trying to stay warm!
They rode the tea cups
We got our turkey legs!
Visited Jasmine and Aladdin
Then wished Cinderella's castle goodbye!
Dad made the three hour drive and we arrived at home just about 9.
Then the next day we find out my baby brother plane that we routed through Chicago was canceled and he wasn't able to get on anything until the next day.  UGH...we could have stayed the extra day.  OH well...we had a great day of rest and Ry was at home waiting for our return. 
WOW!  I know crazy I took 4g's worth of I am glad you guys won't be bored with my photo display that I could have shared with you!  Just know that Disney was AWESOME...but more so I am so grateful for my parents!  Without them I could not have made the trip!  With my girls in two different age groups makes it hard to keep everyone happy!  Okay..I have one more picture to share..just because I love it.  
Who let her get so old????

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Felicia Fernandez said...

What great pictures! Makes me miss you even more. Hugs!