Sunday, January 18, 2009

Propel Berry Water and my other latest addictions!

I'm addicted. They come in these cute little pouches that plop in my purse and I can have them with any water bottle that I can find! I often try to get brave enough to order water at the restaurants and then add my own propel, but I feel sorta stupid! So I have yet to do it!

Want to know something else I am addicted to....tossed salad. BUT it has to have romaine lettuce. It is tons of yum! I love to use either grape tomatoes or plum tomatoes with dehydrated onion flakes and lemon pepper! YUM. Top it off with balasmic dressing and my life is set! Sometimes I throw tuna or chicken on it. YUM

Staying with my water addiction..I am addicted to Fiji or Smart water. Of course everyone is going to say it is just water like out of the tap..but it's not. I heart it.

More water, yes it's an addiction, is vitamin water. Not just any vitamin water. It really has to be the triple X one. But lately, since everyone else now seems to love the same one as I do, is not the defense one.

Baked chicken. In any shape or form. Thighs, with olive oil and season salt. It can come in strips or anything. I am addicted!

Kettled Cooked Potato Chips. I know horrible for you, but tyra and I can swallow a whole back and not even know exactly what happened!

Guitar Hero. I know how crazy insane that is..but we are addicted. We don't have the full band set, but that is only because we don't have enough room for it. That will surely change when I get back from Chicago.

Text messaging. Anyone who can send out 4000 messages in one month and not even have a texting phone, has issues. Yes, my name is ronee and I am addicted!

Writing instruments. I wish I had a really good excuse about my addiction to pens, pencils and various other writing instruments, but I don't have one. I love pens. It is SO crazy that I can actually sort my pens and pencils by colors in sterlite shoe box containers. Yes, some colors have more then one box.

Breathe vanilla. I love how Bath and Body works comes out with some great wonderful scent that they will run for awhile, and then like a thief in the night will decide that they will no longer make it. WHAT the HECK is up with that? So hidden in my bathroom closet is a bin filled to it's rim of Breathe Vanilla soap.

Fabric Softner. I know it's horrible for your clothes. You should totally not use it as often as I do cause it weakens your clothes..but who cares, it makes my clothes soft and smell wonderful. Not to mention my sheets and blankets. YUM

Developing my pictures at Ritz Camera. No one else can develop my pictures the same way. I can do them at home. Yes yes, I have a kodak printer, an HP printer, and now the holy grail the Epson printer. But to get a 125 4x6 printed out, they are my stop. Fantastic!

Wii Fit. Now I have to say, I am not totally addicted, but it is something I do everyday sometimes twice a day..but it's fun. If I have to work out, it might as well be hula hooping for ten minutes!

Well...that's a start to my list of addictions! hope your monday is full of splendor!


Miss Hope said...

We have TOO much in common!!! It's right scary, girl. Methinks we might have a "meeting" coming up soon...think we can get some shopping in? I think we can!!!! Hope to see you soon!

Shelly said...

So would you recommend the Wii Fit? Just wondering, I'm hearing mixed feelings about it?!?!?