Sunday, January 18, 2009

Plane flight booked

Okay so our tickets are bought for a plane ride to Chicago. Misty is already there..and from the pictures of Jack outside, it seems like we are going to get to Chicago in the midst of all the snow! YUCK! I mean YEA..I get to see my family! So this next week is SUPER busy..a trip to Charleston, birthday parties, doctors appointments, bunco, basketball games and practices, and a baby shower! I hope I survive! Next week Monday is Chinese New Years, and I need to start to think about what the heck I am going to make to eat.

So last night I nurtured a friendship which I would love to grow into a lifetime! Hopefully her daughter had as much fun as my #1! I always feel like Tyra gets the short end when we have "playdates", which is why I wanted Mary to come over with her daughter! Everyone seemed to go home happy! And I loved having someone else to hang out with! Dinner wasn't all that great. I baked chicken, but when I finally tasted really didn't have that much flavor. I guess I had too much water when I boiled it and the bouillon didn't really settle in there. Either way, everyone was feed and happy.

Today was a day of nothing. Not really saying I am complaining. #2 and #3 are still in their pajamas and both got up around eight. I know pretty amazing if you ask me. Though both of them went to sleep at about eight last night. I am totally not complaining. Everyone seems to be in a happy mood, but being trapped in the house wasn't all that fun!

Did you hear about the peanut butter scare? This hits my house close! My entire family, minus me, is addicted to peanut butter. Nutter Butters, peanut butter and crackers in any form, not to mention the good old fashion PB and J. So Ryan called while we were veeting and made sure to warn us. Ah great that means come tuesday I am really going to have to think about what to make for lunch. Tuna Sandwiches it is!

Besides that life is normal for us. Tyra and I finally watched Supernatural. We heart this show. But we never can watch it at night. I know how silly right? Normally I have to have Ryan to cuddle with if I end up watching it at night. He won't ever tell you he likes the show, but i think he secretly does! He always likes to act like the only thing he watches is the news!

On Sundays I let the girls swim in our tub. They love it. They get great smelling bubbles and stay in there until the water gets cold. Here there are cheessing it up!
I hope you guys are enjoying your three day weekend!

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Mary said...

We enjoyed coming over-thank you again for the invite. Elise was very happy and had a great time. She gets the shaft with play dates too so it's good to know that she and Tyra can be friends!