Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nanea's appointment

Well Nanea's appointment went without event.

We got their early. Checked in. Waited. Went back. Had her ear waxed vacuumed out.

On a scale of 1-4, Nanea has 3+ size tonsils. They aren't touching, but sometimes they kiss. OH my whatever. But because Nanea hasn't had the number of different things that can come with enlarged tonsils, i.e. strep and ear infections they are in need of immediate removal. She has to go to a sleep study to see how horrible her sleeping is. It makes me laugh. My child is five and she is going to a sleep study! What the heck! So one night in the near future, Ryan or I will have to go down to the sleep center and spend the night with Nanea. I hope I get my own room because I don't need them watching me sleep!

Today is Aydin Thomas' birthday! Happy 6th, WOW, Birthday Little Man! We are off to his bowling Part A in a bit. Traysea and Tyra don't want to it is me and bugsy!

Of course we took pictures at the doctors office. I will post those when I get back from Aydin's party!


Brad and Lauren said...

Oh tonsils!!! I had one less infection that was required by the insurance companies to remove my tonsils growing up. I finally had them removed Freshman year in College. That year sucked, tonsils out at Thanksgiving and wisdom teeth at Christmas. I missed out on a ton of really great food that year. Oh well, I hope they take Nanea's out sooner than they did mine. I have not been sick since I had them out. Good luck with it all!!!

Latisha said...

Jacob needs his tonsils out, he got strep a lot and we did a sleep study. However, we didn't get them taken out because we were farther than 30 minutes from a Trauma center. The surgery isn't that big of a deal, its when the scab falls off, if comes off too early they can bleed out, and they have to go in for emergency surgery at a trauma center. The ENT advised us not to get it done until we were closer to one, or if he started to get strep more often. So far since we moved and took him out of public schools he has been great.
Just giving you a dfferent perspective >"<