Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Day!

Eight years ago, the Malama-Auger family started. It's always funny when I think about Ry and I getting married. Total DL, and then a big fat party months later!

To celebrate we took the girls to the beach...with the Huls herd! Fabulous! The kids played for hours. Yes, it was a clear and perfect day. Not too hot, breezy and the sun was glorious!

So now dinner is in process and the babies are off getting their scoot on and Tyra is reading!

Purely Amazing!


The Huls Family said...

We had a BLAST today.... thanks!

Miss Hope said...

Sorry I missed out on the beach fun! I need to get my babies to the water. Was it cold? (the water)

Sheila said...

Happy Anniversary!! =)

Mary said...

Happy Anniversary!

Sorry I didn't make it to the beach today. We had a change in our schedule. We'll have to get together next week once the kids are all back in school!

Shelly said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Misty said...

Happy Anniversary! Sorry I missed the beach, I forgot I'd need stuff to keep Spencer protected from the sun, etc... I'll shop so we can beach soon! =)