Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou

Happy New Years from the Malama-Auger girls!!
May your new year bring you joy, hope, faith and happiness.
Yesterday the girls and I..well mostly Ry and I...I know..wait it gets weirder...Facing the Giants.
That movie was super moving. It is entirely Faith based..and I think I am in a place to hear God. Which makes it so much more of a crazy that Ry actually sat and watched the entire movie with me. Well at first he was at the computer. I thinking he was not interested, after reading the description out loud to him. Decided to watch it. Mamma Mia is in my I need to get these mailed out, was what I was thinking. But after it started..he actually came and sat down. The movie was a bit cheezy..but it totally reminded me that nothing is impossible without God. I know I know, probably a bit more spiritual then you guys were looking for. But I spent half the movie in tears. I was searching..and then this was delivered! It is sorta weird how it worked out too..because I don't think I recall putting it at the top of list of movies...BUT thankfully it was there....if you haven't seen it..go see it! You won't regret it. I am preparing my fields right now..... new years was without event. The girls had pop pops from gramms and papa and couldn't wait to throw them! They had asked me ALL day what time they could throw them! Luckily I could distract them both with Guitar Hero and Littlest Pet Shop!
Here are the girls playing pop pops.
Last year the girls tried Sparkling Cider....white and red grape. It went over like this.
So when Tray and I went out to get some this year..we decided that we would try a different flavor...
The reactions was this
Followed by a thank you! Ry says it's the bubbles..I say it take gross! Nanea agrees with me!
So then I let the girls cuddle up and watch the ball to wait for the ball to drop...Traysea fell asleep with minutes left in 08. So I woke her up..she was not a happy girl. But they did all get to see the ball drop this year!~!!!!
traysea says she was trying to smile...but wait what happened to these girls???
These are my girls last year! WOW..what one year can do!

OH and did I mention that I am going to Chicago in January. I will miss CHA this year..BUT only because my big brother is getting commissioned! And it is the place to be this january!!! Well it's actually February..but early early Feb. I am so excited. I just saw my parents..and from the day they left to the day I will see them..oh is just one month. The girls and I can make it! My baby brother too!!! Plus I get to cuddle all my nieces..and spend time with my family! I can't wait! I am confused to why everytime I go to Chicago it is cold? I mean Gosh forbid I head to Chicago in July..oh wait..we have done that twice too! OH well...Chitown here we come!!!
Wishing you all the best in this new year!


Misty said...

Such gorgeous girls! I still love the glasses ;) Yay for Chicago, I think we may be there at the same time. Where is your brother getting commissioned at? Jer was at Northwestern and they do a beautiful ceremony. Let's coffee or lunch soon! Happy New Year.

Miss Hope said...

Happy New Year! Girl, do you ever slow down?