Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am still not sure why I do it???

Overbook myself. I really do it. For example today...

Take #2 to school
Take #3 to the doctors
Take myself to the doctors
Take #3 to school
Help in #3's class
Take #2 and #3 home
Start homework for #2 and #3
Check #1's homework and lessons for the day
Wash clothes
Wash dishes
Wrap present
Take #3 to a birthday party, after #1 and #2 decide they don't want to go.
Yell at other peoples children at said birthday party (Oh I will get back to that)
Rush out of birthday party to pick up #1 and #2 to go to #2's basketball practice
#2's water falls and gets all over the court. Eeeekkk..(thanks kels)
#2 has basketball practice. Play with Kennedy! She is such a cutie!!
Take the girls to McDonalds cause I forgot they didn't eat! (Mom of the Year, yes I know)
Arrive home rush them through evening routine and push them into bed with the threat that if you don't go right to be right now No circus tomorrow.

I am exhausted rehashing it!

And guess what I am doing tomorrow. Going to the Circus with the Primary School.

Sorry I am complaining...i think it's just the "frosting" on my day!


Tanya said...

OMG...if #1-3 were each a piece of string...I would've knitted a blanket just weaving all their schedules together!! I guess I failed to mention that I have FOUR malls all within 25 minutes of our home. Yes...I know you uber-hate me now! ;o) But Girl, we used to drive down to St. John Town Center like it was right down the street. HAHAHAHAHA. do have great weather and lots of fun FL/GA things nearby! I've got an icy lake in our backyard...woohoo. *hugs*

Misty said...

I'm officially worn out just reading your post! Way to go mom, you deserve an award today, whew... hugs!!!

Miss Hope said...

Looks familiar. Do ever sit down at the end of the day when the kids are in bed and wonder how on earth you did all that you did that day? Yeah, me too.

Brad and Lauren said...

Seriously? Enough said!! Love ya!