Saturday, January 3, 2009

The New Year starts

Well here we are fresh into the new year..and life is feeling positive!  
That is my word of the year.  Positive.  With everything in life going on, I plan to remain positive.   So today I took the girls to WalMart...Aunty Sheryl, Uncle J, and Mooney sent them walmart gift cards so they wanted to spend them.  
The girls decided with $40 they couldn't get new the younger two got scooters!
We went for a walk..well I sorta ran and the girls scooted their way around the neighborhood.  They loved it, I sorta did too.  I think tomorrow I am going to drag Tyra along with me.  We both could used the speed walking!  
Ry leaves our house will be empty.  Luckily school starts back up and we have a very busy hopefully the time will go by quickly and the girls won't get sad!  

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