Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Awesome friends!

So, I am husband less.....well I have one, he and I just don't share the same home address right now! At least he is not under the water, and really just a phone call away! SO I needed an oil change and Steve loves cars. So he changed my oil tonight. I am SO grateful! Also we ate dinner! We hit downtown Fernadina and went to this mexican place. It was nice..i loved my Fajita salad...and it was totally a great time! The Blonski's are great..and what makes my life perfect is that they both should have been from Hawaii. They both went to UH Hilo, where they met..and long for a return to the islands. AND lucky them, in three weeks they are spending ten days on the Big Island...WOW, I am super jealous..but heh, I just went home! Right, I can't be too mad!

SO I am totally grateful to have Keri and Steve just minutes from my house! BUT also to have kids that my two can play with! There is yelling, fighting, screaming, but nothing totally out of control. Which is fabulous when Keri and I just want to hang out! Plus at dinner, they were perfect! I have to love children that can do that! I am still on the hunt on what I should be reading...HELP ME! Felicia read Midnight Sun last night, Latisha a bit before, and Keri I think days ago...Stephanie Meyers better get on it and finish that book and get it on some bookstores shelf! And of course of course, she stops the book right at Edward and Bella's first kiss! Witch! Totally uncalled for. And I think she secretly loves the fact that her book is in such high demand that she might be playing this game with her publishers! HORRIBLE! Just horrible!


Felicia Fernandez said...

I don't know. I checked Stephanie Meyer's website and an entry from August said that due to her huge disappointment in the pages being released, she has postponed finishing the book indefinitely. But then the next entry said, I assume from the publisher, that they have discussed it with her and she is going to finish the book. The only weird part is that the entry is dated June. So who knows what's going on.
I just read a book called The Shack. It's a Christian non-fiction, but I thought it was pretty profound.

Felicia Fernandez said...

Ok. So The shack is fiction, sorry about that. It's written like it actually happened so that's why I wrote it was non-fiction. But it's totally fiction, and I believe it anyway. love you!