Sunday, September 7, 2008


So I have really been thinking about my friendships lately. I mean I am a person who always analyzes people. It's what I do. But that's why I picked human resources. But anyway...friendships have always amazed me. Well females and friendships. For me..I am friendly with everyone..well at least I use to be. Lately I have learned how to preserve myself and just put energy in where it is required. My mom calls me the bridger. I often have so many friends from so many different things..that I try to "bridge" them all together, so i can hang out with everyone at the same time. Shelly use to always tell me I had more friends then I had time for..and for the most part that was true. That saying that I am totally popular..but I had friends from different parts of my life and trying to hang out with everyone often had me overbooked!

I am sure you guys have heard that poem about Friends for a Season, A Reason and a lifetime! I am a firm believer in it! I often find myself someones season or reason..and sometimes that hurts..but it is the course and I guess they needed it was all part of God's plan. And not that I am going to shy away from Season or Reason friends..but I am for sure looking for the lifetimes! If I decide I want to be friends with you. I want it to be for a lifetime! I don't want to serve your purpose or be there cause you needed me....I want to be the person you call just because! I want to be that person that you see something on TV and totally have to reach for your phone and tell me about it. I want to be that person that you come over and watch our favorite TV shows. If we can't be in the same house..we spend the entire time texting each other!If we are neighbors or live on opposite coast..I want that friendship to be a lifetime. It sorta makes me upset to be someones reason or season though. I mean I love the seasons, but I am normally not ready for them to end.

I have to say I always try and stay true in each friendship. I am what I am. I talk too much..and am way too opinionated for my own good. I often say things before I think about it..and sometimes it may hurt your feelings. I make every attempt to bite my tongue and I often fail...but I am totally the person that you can come to and say.."heh I heard you said this about me" and I would be like..yea i said it. but that is just the way I am. I normally don't let people back me into corners and will be the first one to stand up for someone I care about. I know I know..some friend huh..but I am totally genuine in everything I do. I help you cause I want to. I love on your children cause I love to. I want to hang out cause I just want to have fun! Totally not saying I haven't screwed up friendships, but I have learned lessons and seriously if we couldn't find our way through it..then obviously our friendship wasn't worth it. Good thing we found out now before we wasted anymore time in it.

But females are like that..aren't they? Drama ridden, cat fighting...she saiders that often get too offended if you say something about their house, lifestyle, children or husband. And seriously I probably say far too many things about someones house, child, lifestyle and their husband. But as if I am not a target. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones. Have you met ry and I? We are living in a glass house everyday! I married a boy from the whitest place on earth in New England..we don't match one little bit..but seriously..we are happily married with three pretty rockstar children..comment and tease all you want...I am secure enough to know I love my life...minus my husband being gone...but I do love my life. I am lucky enough to be married to someone with a job that provides me the chance to spend moments with my children. He and I both think that someone needs to walk our children to their classroom each morning and be there waiting to pick them up. Someone has to pack their home lunch, if they want it, and irons their clothes. Not saying you have to do..but I want to. I don't always like that it I am that person, but tease all you want. I know Kelly always tells me I try and be super mom. But warm cookies in lunch boxes make ME smile. Ironed dresses and cute hairbows make reminds my children that I love being their mom. So make comments and tease all you want. I don't always make the right choices, but I am trying to make better choices when it comes to friends!

Moving to FL was a hard decision for me. I have some outstanding friends in Charleston and it hurt to move from them. But at least every six weeks or so until Feb of '09 we will be up there for ortho appointements! I am grateful to have friends here! I hate that they don't live in my neighborhood..but at least we are just a few exits away!

So to all my lifetime friends (I know you know who you are)
thank you for not making me a your lifetime! My cup is still half full because of you!
know that i love you and miss you everyday!


Misty said...

Oh, I'm such a lifetime girl, I despise being ditched after just being needed. Having friends for a lifetime that will tell you how it is is the only way to go! Love the post!

Vaiva said...

You said it perfectly. I loved reading your post. I know we don't know each other too well, but I'm sure that's not in the way of us being friends. I also hate moving with the Navy, but I also love it. In each place I make at least one new lifetime friend, and that's more than I can ask for :)
Take care!

Felicia Fernandez said...

That was right on the button! I love that about you, always speaking from your heart. I know I could take a few lessons from that. I just pray that one day we'll be stationed close together. I love our bridge, but it stretches so I'll wait patiently for the time when we can rock out together. Giant hugs!