Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My letter to Santa

Dear Santa:
I know it is barely fall, but I figuired I better start my letter to you early..cause it is going to be a very very very expensive year! If you need to get ryan's email so you two can coordinate what to get me, it's's just like mine!

Anyway, Santa, I have been the best girl this year. I did all my chores without my mom having to tell me. I made sure to clean my room and make my bed everyday. I also did a lot of other chores around the house. I was a good girl and went to work this year and tried my very best to keep my family stable and happy.

So Santa I think I should get one of these for Christmas.
My dream craft room
I know it seems like a lot, but I was a very very good girl! I promise to spend hours upon hours creating in there. I will use it everyday! I promise to love it and pick up after myself! I promise to keep it in order in between projects. It would really be perfect for my new job coming up!

Secondly Santa, along with my new job coming up thing, I would like one of these.
My dream camera
I promise to use it with tons of tender care! I promise to use it everyday and be so very wonderful to it! I promise to tuck it in with me at night. Did I mention it would be perfect for my new job?!

I know these are two very large ticket items, but I trust that you can call Ryan and resolve every issue in getting me these things! I have faith in you Santa! I have already given up on having more children..can't I get this instead!

Thank you in advance Santa,
ronee malama
yulee, fl


Misty said...

Dear Santa,
Ronee in Yulee, Florida desperately needs these items so that her OCD partner can play as well. I also have been a good girl this year, carrying around a wild monkey in my belly for almost all of 2008, taking care of a 2 yr old and keeping my house clean, bed made and laundry cleaned. Please Santa, we need this craft room. LOL =)

Memorie said...

You can always come to my hood and visit Andrea!! :) Next time you're here I will take you down.

Vaiva said...

OMG!! I'd love a craft room like that, but for my sewing projects. Right now my fabrics and threads and paints are taking up drawer space in our china cabinet!! Last time Josh came back from deployment, he couldn't find placemats, cause I moved them in order to store my craft stuff, LOL. We have an office where I could work, but it's upstairs, and I do my best work at night in front of TV with a bowl of ice-cream.
Well, I'm sure you and Misty were both very good, so hopefully Santa will reward you.

Von said...

Can you ask Santa to bring a camera like that to me in Charleston so I can take even more pictures of Megan, Jamie and Corey on the soccer fields?? I miss ya chickie!!!

Jamie and Megan said to tell the girls hello and they miss them!!


Mary said...

That is an awesome craft room! I need that space!