Saturday, September 27, 2008

A day of grinding my teeth

Oh I get irritated all the time. Most times I can totally just breath in and out..but other days it just eats and eats at me. So today I get stuck behind someone who at the very last second realizes he has been sitting at a green light..and leaves with enough time for me to catch the light. Such a superstar it is unreal. Yes, I should have honked the horn, but I hate horn honking. I realize it was an accident and I have probably done something just as genesis as this guy..but it got me to think about just the thinks that I push all my buttons! So today...

Ten things I cannot stand!

* Parents who don't pay attention to their children. I realize at mom's groups and things like that, part of the reason you are there is to socialize...but you still need to supervise your child!

* People who have an entire cart filled with items in the express check out. Oh how I long for the day when the cashier tells them to take a hike. I think I pick that line just to see if it will happen. But seriously how difficult is it to get that 20 items doesn't mean an entire cart?

* When my children ask for a certain something to eat and i make it for them, and then they decide that they don't want that anymore. Oh you will eat it and you will love it!

* When the person in front of you going thru the door doesn't make any effort to hold it for you. I find this just a basic courtesy. It is insane how people are so unaware or just don't give a shit!

* That car in the parking lot that was parked to purposely take up two spaces so not to get dinged. If you feel this strongly about your car and want to park it way at the end of the lot more power too you, if you are that worried but yet still park close to the store it just makes me want to squeeze into the space next to you and let my kids repeatedly open the doors into your car.

* Parents that let their kids run around parties unsupervised. Like random children you don't know come up to you and stick their hand in your plate. OH my children don't even get to do that! I hate yucky fingers!

* Spam emails! Seriously!

* Washing my car and then it rains or my kids track in all kinds of stuff!

* I hate when I am dreaming about eating something and I go to get it, and discover it is gone. If it is the kids, no big deal..but if it is Ryan..OH I hate him!

*Unsolicited phone calls. No I don't want to donate to the Florida's sheriff's department. Seriously I care, just not that much!

*Kids at soccer that do not run. Oh I can't even start to go there on this one. If your kid doesn't run, doesn't like to run or just doesn't want to play..please don't sign them up for soccer!

I am sure there is so many more things to be irritated must just been my mood today! Hope your Saturday was a pleasant one!


Misty said...

I so can't stand when Jeremy leaves empty boxes in the pantry or a drop of juice left in the fridge and you can't tell until you p/u whatever it is. Jack pulls the I'm hungry for ... and then doesn't want to eat it all the time! Fun fun.

Mary said...

I hate when people go to the self check out lines with full carts. These are usually the same people who don't know how to operate the self check out too.