Saturday, September 20, 2008

A day of 5's

So we had soccer this it was a morning filled with high fives. Nanea is #55..and then I got this in my must be a sign that I need to have 5 children...;)

5 things I was doing 10 years ago....
1. I was dating Ryan.
2. I was playing basketball
3. driving the civic
4. I was living in Hawaii
5. I was coaching at Kalakaua..i think!

5 things on my to-do list today....
1 Finish all the laundry
2 Have all the laundry put away
3 Make dinner
4 Call keri since she is a driving fool!
5 upload new songs to my ipod

5 snacks I enjoy.....

1 life saver lollipops
2 salsa and chips
3 pumpkin spice latte from starbucks
4 a&W rootbeer
5 ice cream sandwichs

5 places I have lived

1 Florida
2 Charleston, SC.
3 Newport, RI
4 Reston, VA
5 Honolulu, HI

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire....
1 Hire a house keeper..not a nanny..cause I am never giving up that job!
2 buy my husband's navy contract out
3 build a house that I was in love with...and my parents would have a house on the same land, but far enough that they could call it their own!
4 we would rock disneyworld!
5 totally get a yard crew

5 bad habits....
1 i bite my nails
2 i put off house cleaning
3 avoid yard work
4 gettting caught up in the small stuff
5 jabber jaw!

5 jobs I've had (or currently have)
1 super mom to three wonderful girls
2 rockstar wife to ryan alden
3 office manager for a dental group
4 the all purpose person at The Pink House
5 Design team for a scrapbooking company

What people might not know about me
1 I don't always have it down pack!
2 That really I just want to be a lazy bum
3 That I hate sand but love the ocean
4 That I had some really naughty years
5 That I had a thing for firemen!

No, my husband isn't a fireman! I know you would think that he would have been. Before Ryan I went on a run of just firemen. I know I know I know. I have issues. It's something about them...I know every female is out there nodding! Anyway..I think I am going to ride this five wagon out till the wheels fall off!

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