Friday, September 26, 2008

The weather and grey's party

So if you don't know, I live in SUNNY Florida. Leaving here in the south south is a bit different from living in South Carolina, but not by much! So this week, for the most part, we were blessed with fall weather. OH, I love it. The girls and I started pulling out our light sweaters and knee high socks. But today I heard that this weekend is suppose to be 90! I am girls play soccer this weekend at 9 and 1030, of course just in time to watch my girls roast like the piglets they are! OH I wish we actually got a state with some cool days. OH well right, I guess I could be somewhere we it is constant raining! I am pouting right now. Ry is probably laughing at me right now...the girl from Hawaii that wants cool weather!

Anyway, so last night was the Grey's Anatomy premier. Back in SC we use to cuddle at each others houses and watch fun shows together. We use to rotate houses cause one day my husband wouldn't be home..and the other day someone else husband wouldn't. So it use to be so much fun. SO I headed to Keri's, cause I don't have a couch, but I do have a 13 year old, to watch the two hour season opener. I have to say I loved it but I also hated it. It wasn't as emotional straining as I wanted it to be. But I got to spend time with Keri and Brooke and I didn't have to watch it alone!

OH and something else funny...yesterday I went to Adam and Eve. Which is basically a porn store. Nothing distasteful. Just your run of the mill, run out of lube go get it, type of place. So Keri and I totally have gone before, but the girl we went with was her first time. Now I am probably much less reserve then most people about sex. PEOPLE I had sex..I have three children and am married for almost eight years, sex occures. Not to mention all those reckless years sex to me is totally run of the mill conversation..but this girl...she was not really ready. I wasn't sure she was going to make it out of there. And of course I ask questions. I mean the girls that works there, I am sure, have heard much worst. I mean seriously she is a clerk at a sex store. She must have some kind of "working" knowledge. Right? It was priceless though. I go with sex store "virgins". Sometimes they can't even say anything they are so embarrassed. I always say if you can't say the word sex 10 time out loud without bursting into a fit of the giggles, maybe you shouldn't be having it!

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Vaiva said...

Oh, Ronee, let's trade places. I want to be in sunny FL. Granted, fall here is mostly rain, but we do have nice cool days, so if you're lucky maybe you'll catch them. To be where it's 90 September...{sigh}

Love the sex shop talk. I was laughing out loud here by myself. You're hillarious. If ever I have any questions, I'll come to you for answers. Here, there's one store that I know of of that nature, but I can't go cause it's 18 and up, and they won't let me in with a baby. And I think it would be hysterical to get a sitter so I could wonder around a sex shop, haha.