Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Plans for the future

Things are unfolding here in the Malama-Auger household. All I can say is that I got a hint at a job offer in the papercrafting world, and if I get it..I will be SUPER excited! It is a little out of my box, but still in it. So I am totally excited. But it has made me think about the future, and what I really want! I totally want that job, so cross your won't start till the next calendar year, but that is totally not a big deal..but is that all I want. My mom says I should write. I always have loved books and living in that book world..but me a writing..I mean seriously, have you read my blog. But she said that is what editors are for. I would love to come up with a great character and just carry them through life. Sorta like Ramona or Junie B. Even Harry or Bella. I love the idea, but what a huge huge leap. Plus the rejection would hurt! But now I am thinking about it.

So more about things I want in the future, another baby! I know I know, ronee you are 32 about to be 33, another baby..but yes, I would. But I don't like even four would really mean five. Plus I would want them to have a partner. I know it is insane..but did you watch that movie Dan in Real Life. If you haven't, you have to have to see it! Just saying the title always makes me laugh. In the movie, the family all comes to the grandparents lake house and spend however long there..just bundled together. Cousins tucked into a bedroom. Huge lunches and breakfasts. Talent nights...all of it. I want that. I want a dining room table full of my children and then their spouses and then my grandchildren. I want that. Not that three beautiful daughters can't provide me that, but i'd love to have five children..and they each have how ever many children and then I would need a kids table and an adult table at thanksgiving and Christmas dinnners! sigh! As much as I hate the fighting between the kids. The lugging around the baby bag..the packing for children...I want it. Memorie is totally in this boat with me. She might not want two more..but she wants another baby.

I know it is insane! A new job, a book and babies. Insane! Totally..right now though I am SO bored. I wish I liked to work in my yard since I have time to do that now. Anyway..just me looking forward!!


Memorie said...

I want to row that boat down the babyland stream!!

Misty said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Oh and babies, how fun! Spencer is going to need a little buddy =)

Felicia Fernandez said...

You're the second person to say that even number of kids is not an option. 5 kids....more power to you. I sometimes think about another, but I also think about all the things I can do when X is finally off to school. You are much on your mind. But I'd read your books! Hugs!

Sunshine said...

Aww... good luck with the more babies. Remember I told you I'd be your surrogate because I just love being pregnant but don't want any more babies. :) You are a good mommy and I bet you could handle another 1 or 2 with no problems.

Vaiva said...

Oooooh, more babies, yay!! Good luck!!

See, I'm opposite. It has to be an even number for me. I'm one of three, but I don't like odd numbers :)

Mary said...

A job in the papercrafting world sounds fun and creative! Good luck!