Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is your cup half full?

I think I have always been a half full type of girl. Ry on the other hand, is often the empty type of person..which is why I think God has placed us together! Lately Ry and I have been evaluating how lucky we have been! With him being in CT, at least for a few more weeks, and then off to VA for about five months, we are thinking about all the things that are going to happen while he is gone. Now when Ry and I got married...all those years ago...he was on aboat. It was normal for him to be home and then underway again. But then when Ryan left the boat and started school....five years ago....he's been home basically ever night. But studying like a mad man..but at least home everynight...there for birthdays and this is the first time in forever basically, that there is a chance he won't be home. Luckily we have cleared out the birthdays for the girls for the year. He sorta made Tyra's..he came in Thursday and her bday was Monday. But with Halloween..Thanksgiving..and Christmas coming up..ry is feeling the growing pains. In his 10 years in the Navy, Ry has only been gone for one Christmas. BUT can I really complain. As I even start to feel close to bad, I think about just how lucky we have been. Ryan has been there for the birth of everyone of our children. There are TONS of military families that have to go without their father on a regular basis. My brother is a Chief in the Navy and has missed the birth of two out of his three daughters..and had to come running off the boat for the last one. He has been around for the last six Christmas'. He has been around to coach soccer teams and shots at doctors appointments. My cup is absolutely half full! SO if Ry gets to his boat and we don't actually get to see him for the next five months..he got to come home Labor Day weekend. Plus at least I get to talk to him once a day. Not to mention that I am SO lucky to have moved some place where I already had a few friends. I could not imagine having to move some place and be without my husband and no friends.

So evaluate your cup! Count your blessings and be thankful! I am not saying that everyday needs to be a cup half full day..cause I know mine won't always be...but today it is! We skated by Hurricane Hanna..and with Ike on the horizon..we need to stay positive!!



Felicia Fernandez said...

My cup is half full too! Mike is like Ryan too (what a surprise), in that he's been home for the last 6 years and hasn't missed a holiday/birthday or birth of any of our kids. And now on shore duty, he's been out to sea for 4 non-consecutive months. He goes out again in October and might be home for Christmas. But with this job, the missions always change and therefore so does his schedule. I can't complain, we've also been so blessed to have him home for so long.

We really are from the same pod!

Miss ya! Big hugs!!!!!

Vaiva said...

Glad to hear your cup is half full. I try to think that way most of the time too. Josh hasn't been in long enough to miss much, except his birthday, so we are very blessed too. But looking into the future, it won't be so nice, so I'll need to remember my cup :)

{ Becca } said...

Great post! I'd say I'm a glass-half-fuller about 80% of the time. Sometimes I just like to grumble. :) Haha!

Teddy Doors said...

I don't think the question "Is your cup half-full or half-empty?" is about your emotion, mood, feeling or optimisticism.

In fact, this comes from Buddhism philosophy: when a cup is full, you cannot pour more, if you insist in, it will overflow. When a human mind is full with something, he cannot learn something new, he's not ready for any changes.

Let's have a look at this story: "A Lesson From A Zen Master"

Once, there was a young man went up to a hill where a Zen master stayed and this young man began to ask the Zen master.
“How can I be smarter?”
Before the Zen master even had the chance to reply, the young man continue to tell the Zen master how brilliant he was, what he knew … etc.
The Zen master took a deep breath and invited the young man to his hut to have some tea.
The young man agreed and carried on to boast how smart he is.
While listening, the Zen master poured the tea to a small cup in front of the young man. He continued to pour the tea until it is overflow all over the table and the young man’s pants.
The young man jumped out and shouted, “What are you doing? The cup is full and overflowing!”
The Zen master put down the teapot and with a smile on his face, he told the young man, “If you come to me with a cup that has already full, how do you expect me to pour you a drink?”

So, whenever people are telling you that your cup is full, they mean that your mind is not open to receive new things yet.

ronee said...

Teddy Doors:
Thanks for that insight..but I never said my cup was full..just that it was half full instead of half empty! If you even knew me for a second you would know that I am always up for learning anything..anytime!
thanks for stopping by