Monday, September 29, 2008

What happened to my blog

So I am not sure what happened to my blog..but I don't have the minutes to try and fix it today...SO if one of my lovely friends wants to have at me and I will send you my password!

Let's see life have been basically the same. Nanea lately just hasn't been sleeping well..I totally think she has sleep apnea. I know I know the medical person is totally creeping out of me, but she has HUGE tonsils, and she just hasn't been herself. I hate to make her have surgery to have them removed, but something is going on with the girl.

Yesterday she decided four am would be her wake up time! What, at first I thought it was just a dark 6 am. It is her normal time to get up. I lifted the blanket and tucked her in next to me. Common morning procedures on the weekend. We were lying there talking and then I happen to see the clock. I was like, Nanea, it is far to early for you to be up. So I told her she could stay here, but she needed to go back to bed. Now I hate to sleep with people. I know I know, how can you be that way. I get that all the time. I don't even share a blanket with Ryan. I don't know what it is, but I don't like to touch while I am asleep. Which is so funny cause it drives Ry insane, but he deals with it. nanea was moving..then rolling over..then softly singing to herself. All these things, driving me insane. I finally sent her to go and lie on the floor, and I turned the tv on. Now I am the type of person that can't sleep if my children are awake! (Oh when will my husband get here!) So of course I am fading in and out to PBS Sprout. At least it was not that Dora Halloween movie again! UGGGH! But then around eight am the cranky witch arrived. I knew it was going to happen. Everything was driving her insane. Tray beat her to the breakfast table. Traysea touched her blanket. The toothpaste is too hot. She doesn't want to watch this. I finally put her back into bed at 11. I was suppose to go to church with Keri...I had to cancel cause of her crazyness and my lack of ability to keep my eyes open. Then I had to cancel on Kelly cause I just didn't think Nanea could do it. At 1230 she came out..I don't know if she slept, but she seemed in better spirits.

Today at two am, she tried to sneak into my bed. I don't know what it is, but I totally can hear my children awake. My house is bigger and I still can hear their door open. It is I hear her walk across the house and open my door...I know I scared her, but I told her to turn around and go back to her own bed. There was some whining and I will even say a small fit, but I told her if I have to stand up and walk her back to her bed, I will be very unhappy.

Want to know something child doesn't just climb into my bed. No that is far to easy, she brings her pillow, her water cup, blanket and her stuffed toy entourage with her. What kid does that? When Traysea use to climb in, it was just her and her water. But no, my third child always seems to be the one that makes it interesting. She is my content test to everything I am! I love her! I do, but she is the one that is going to break me!

Anyway, I have to finish getting my house in order and then I am off to lunch with friends!


Shelly said...

This is too funny! I have my own blanket too and can't stand being touched in bed! I actually enjoy duty nights!!! shhhh...don't tell my hubby! And every morning when Eva wakes up I put her on her Dora couch with her "entourage" and milk and she watches Sprout while mommy gets a few more minutes of shut eye!!! I'm sure she'd be coming to our bed at night too, but I have one of those child proof door handles on her bedroom door handle!!! Ha ha! Take care!

Vaiva said...

I can't wait till Katrina gets bigger and comes in the mornings to cuddle. I love cuddle time. When I go to get her after she was asleep she wraps her little arms around my neck...sooo sweet. I bet when she starts coming in every morning, I'll sing a different tune, haha.

And, what did happen to your blog. Now the side bar is gone!