Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Baby bliss

So today I got to go shopping for a baby shower present! my friend misty (hi misty) is currently pregnant with her second son...Spencer. now misty is married to jeremy and already have one fantabulously adorable son named Jack. Jack and I aren't exactly friends yet..but I can't wait us to be good friends. I have so many scrapbook page layouts floating around in my need of a boy..and he is the perfect one. Plus I can't wait for misty to have spencer can i can just imagine the great newborn shots spencer is going to the sibling shots I plan to get of jack and spencer! I just feel birth announcements coming on. misty's shower is saturday..and she reads my blog so I can't show you what I bought her..but I have to say..Kelly, Sunshine and I hopefully will light up misty's day! not that misty needs presents..since Jack is two she still has all his stuffs. so spencer is coming into a world more then prepared for him. but all i can say pottery barn kids..and this cute little shop called Lulu. Totally too expensive, filled with posh baby supplies..but I loved it. My kids love going to pottery barn and pottery barn kids. they love playing there for hours. they have all their pretend play out for the kids to touch and then beg me to buy it for them for Christmas or whom evers birthday is on deck. So when I made my purchase and announced it was time to go..the babies moaned. Of course they don't want to leave..I even want to play with their kitchen stuffs. It' s super fabulous. and It is not only kitchen's the stuffs that goes with it. Plus I was in that store for at least an hour and not once did my kids ask if I was done yet.

But baby shower shopping always makes me long for another child. I am not sure if every mom gets that, but I get it all the time. Where in my head, we are done. I mean we are going to struggle for now until forever dressing three daughters..not to mention three college tuitions...three cars..three weddings! So i know mentally that three is what we are good with. Plus pregnancy is not ideal to my (insert sigh) three it will be! I love everyone of my daughters to death..but some days..I just wish I had a son. Now don't get me wrong..but I want a son I can watch play football. And go to watch play baseball..I know I know i have three daughters to go and watch play soccer and softball..but oh to have a son. I know I thankful you have happy healthy children..but just a baby boy.

It's pretty funny..cause I have three nieces and three daughters. My oldest brother didn't have a sister has no children...and then my baby brother is so far from thinking about conceiving! I don't even have a nephew. Ry's brother is still trying to get his life in no son on that side. Ry's cousin Aaron..the only other Auger with children....has two girls. WHAT THE HECK! I guess it's a good thing..I don't know if I would know what the heck to do with a son. But Ry's generations was dominated by boys. Ry has I think it out of 11, 9 are boys. I thought I had some hope! It sorta all flashes back to the day when my mom said..."you wait till you become a is going to be three times as bad!" makes me think about what I say to my daughters. I would at least like to one day have a grandson!

So I am off to bed and hopefully dream newborn babies! How you cuddle them in and just breath in their scent. how they stare up at you and just gaze at you, while you talk like a fool to them. I miss those moments that my children and I shared. there is a great song by Na Leo Pilimehana. It is called "You don't remember, but I will never forget!" It's my mom's song to me..and mine to my daughters.....I wish I could link it for you...maybe I will try and put it in my playlist! It talks about moments you have with your children that they can't possibly remember. The first time you held them..the first time they smiled at you. All of those moments are ones you'll never forget. My kids LOVE to hear about those. Even my 13 year old. She loves to hear how I use to have to rub her back for her to fall asleep...or my 6 year old use to say how she loved to eat baby chickens. or my 5 year old who loves to hear that she never liked to nap. It is funny how so much of their lives, they just have no idea! It's sigh) I am going to have to live through misty!


Misty said...

You are just too darn sweet! I'd love to have a girl someday so I'll share the boys if you'll share the girls ;) Jack takes forever to decide to be friends with someone, he's an interesting dude! I'm so excited that you're going to make it to the shower and yes, yes, yes, I see birth announcements in the near future, I'd hire you in a second!!! I'm a lover of chocolate brown and blue =) Wanna help me with that??? =)

Misty said...

Nope the room didn't get to be chocolate brown and blue, I was vetoed on that! However, I would love to hire you to make c.b. and blue birth announcements!!!