Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tada blog a new

So my blog has recovered and in tribute to my darling oldest daughter, she got to pick out my layout. Yes it's hollister. I think I was able to wear hollister clothing like when i was two. It is crazy..but she is a fan. So tada. At least it is something!!

I will had to readd my blog roll, but heh at least we are some place other then plain white space! I am so color with all the crayons type of girl. Actually it would be markers or color pencils..horribly i hate the smell of crayons. nothing drives me further insane then a box filled with crayons that has been closed for a while. YUCK!

So fall tv season is in full swing and thank goodness for three tivos. really it is just two, since tyra gets her own..but who puts four shows on at the same time! I don't know when i am going to find the time to actually watch it all! OH WELL. I caught chuck, life and the hills today so that's a start.

So today I went to lunch with some fantabulous people, but then I was shocked to learn that some people cut cost in the weridest ways. One family turns their air conditioning off. SERIOUSLY. We live in Florida...i mean SUNNY florida and they decide that air conditioning is too expensive. OMW! I could not even sorta imagine! It's not like we live in New England..which FYI has no air con in housing, but seriously! What does it send your electricity bill up. I am so the type of person that will rather live poor and comfortable then bank the extra few dollars and sweat like pigs. I just don't get it...which make me think..there must be a few other ways i could save money..but really isn't my happiness worth it? Like....

1. The DVR's. Okay yes, it is a bit extreme, but we are TV people. Though lately I am hardly watching it...who knows what the heck is going on...

2. Bottle water. I know I know but my children and I cannot drink from the tap. I HATE it.

3. High speed internet...seriously I blog and try uploading pictures via dial up.

4. Organic products. I have three girls and #1 gained tons of weight and height in this incredible surge. With two girls left to spurt we are not taking any chances.

5. Vera Bradley. Okay seriously I have been SO good! I have not bought anything for a very very long time. Probably since before my birthday! I am doing so well!

6. Papercrafting..seriously I save my husband enough money last year..this year I plan to make it all up!

7. Public school..oh this year we went from Private to public..i am saving tons of money per month!

8. Gymboree..okay I agree there are things that I could buy from other stores, but buying clothes from Gymboree or the Gap last the girls forever. I will not knock something that cost $30 and you can wear for 4 years!

9. Shower less...seriously I shower two or three times a day. I can't change that. We live in Florida! I have made the girls shower together..that should help...right???

10. Shop the commissary! Okay now in theory this is great. One the commissary never has really what i want. Organic and other..plus the base is a good 20 or so minutes from me and that would be a gas cost...so publix, target, wal mart, and wini dixie it is!


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