Monday, September 15, 2008

Just something quick..cause I am SO exhausted

Heh friends!!! Yes that counts you Memorie and Karrie!
So the girls and I are just back from our fantabulous weekend in Charleston. It's like putting on your comfy pants to go back to somewhere that you could basically call home. Anyway..we spent what little time we had catching up with "family". Hit the OG (olive garden) rode the mexican train aka Mater teeth! Watched my Bunny bowl. Spent time hanging out in Memories fancy backyard till it got too hot and we headed inside! Tyra got to spend the whole weekend with her best friend. Everyone has clean teeth and Tyra has new wires. All in all I think it was an A plus trip..but boy I am tired. Last night I couldn't sleep..damm large screen tvs with great movies. Plus I was up to all hours being texted. Sean hunny, I am on EST...just to remind you! But I am loser and took NO PICTURES this weekend. What the heck kind of papercraft professional am I? No pictures..oh my goodness. But I enjoyed every minute of my weekend! But the girls and I are SO happy to be back in our own home. Me too..I need a quick nap before I keel over! It's my girl time..and if any of you find me on the floor passed out..i'm AB positive!


Memorie said...

Karrie and I are ROCKSTARS!!!

Karrie said...

more than Rockstars we are BLOGSTARS!!!