Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th

So everyone is posting about September 11th, but I thought I better too...I totally remember the day..cause we were in Hawaii, my dad called my house at 3am. I was like WTF? Ry was underway and I was pregnant with Traysea....I sat right up and without thought reached for the phone. I remember my dad saying..get up and wake mom up, turn the tv on. Terriorst are attacking. So I did as told and ran down the hallway to my moms room. She would always stay with me while ry got underway....anyway...We both sat on my bed and watched the horrible recount of what happened. Total disbelief.

Fast forward seven years and it still feels like yesterday. Ry and my brother Raym out to sea and not a word from either of them for weeks. It still pulls at my emotions. I was husband was gone for a "short" brother was on his way back..just all of it. To this day, God bless America or the National Anthem sends me right to tears. I explain to each one of my children..the freedom that we have everyday is not free. Your father pays the price for our freedom everyday! My children know every word to the Star Spangled Banner. And I always make them sing. Though for the past six years he has been at school...It was at sea when they needed him..and everyday he is ready to do whatever it is the Navy requires of him. He may make a face or think it's stupid..but he is always the go to guy! go to guy!

So thanks honey..and everyone elses son, daughter, father, mother, brother, sister, friend grandfather or grandmother...that makes our freedom possible. I thank you for every night you don't get to sleep at home..or the weeks..months..years you might go sexually deprived (huh kelly) to ensure that me and my children live free!


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The Huls Family said...

Thanks for mentioning me in your beautiful blog....
Its amazing the people who are in the military shrug as its no big deal... like its putting on underwear for them... its just something they do.... thats why we love them.... and are honored and lucky to have them.