Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bunco and stuck in front of my computer!!

So the quick answer is NO I am not finish Midnight Sun! I hate it..I feel like the SSSLLLLOOOWWWEEESSSTTT person reading this stupid thing. I tried Vaiva, the print screen doesn't work..and I am might have to take Keri Blonski's advice and go mobile and take my laptop everywhere I go. I mean seriously who would think I was crazy sitting in a doctors office with my laptop out. I would feel SUPER important until someone noticed I was just ready some book about vampires and werewolves. I know I know, Keri and I go back and forth about just how obsessed we are. At least I am not searching online looking up what kind of fabulous cars they have. In Keri's defense she's into cars....

So today was blue sticker bunco. It was interesting, but I love hanging out with my friends. BUT we totally had to jet out of there, cause Keri needed to go and see Steve, her husband, on base. So we made a quick stop..had Taco Bell and then i ran out to go and get my girls from school....

Then we went on a surf shop excursion. We hit two, on the island here..and they both were pretty shady. Now I am a girl who knows a surf shop! Makes sorta sad..we have always lived in a "beach" town and have been able to get some decent surf wear. But here, where I basically live on the beach, they both are ho hum. Disappointing, but at least i still have a mom at home in Hawaii who can totally hook me up when needed!

Anyway..life is boring..and I have to go..since I am still 64 pages away from the end of Midnight Sun! Catch you guys later!


Latisha said...

Its almost painful to read Midnight Sun because its only part of the book, but I still loved it :)

Memorie said...

Um, what happened to blogroll?? I'm missin out on the lives of people I don't know!! :)
Miss ya!